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Pickleball Clinics

Our PPR Certified Coaches are available to help you improve your skills!
There are 2 schedules below: The first is the Beginner Series Clinics and the second is for all clinics.  Clinic Registration can be completed online by selecting from the clinic schedule below and creating an account on CourtReserve for Pickleballerz.

Private, semi-private, or group pickleball lessons are also available!  Call us to schedule.

New to pickleball? Our Beginner Series (Pickleball 101, 201 and 301) is perfect for you! 
All available group clinics schedule below:

Pickleball 101: The Basics

Introductory pickleball class for brand-new pickleball players. The focus of this clinic is contact points, swing basics, including volleys and ground strokes, and dinking.

Pickleball 201: Basics 2

This class is a continuation of Pickleball 101. The emerging players taking this clinic will review the basics and then move into serving, returning, and ground strokes.

Pickleball 301:
Your First Game

This class will bring together all the skills learned from 101 and 201 including game scoring, etiquette, and strategy.  Players will emerge ready to play in full games and matches with other beginner (2.0/2.5 rated) players.

Pickleball Clinics

Serves and Returns

This class is focused on serving and returning serve in pickleball. Mechanics, strategy, and placement are the main focus. Advanced Beginner (2.0/2.5)


Get me a Dink!

In this clinic we will focus on the most important and common shot in pickleball, the dink. Through this 60 minute session we will cover basic fundamentals such as grip, footwork, and focus while executing a dink to make you feel much more comfortable playing from the non-volley zone. Advanced Beginner (2.0/2.5)


Good Golly that Volley!

This class is focused on hitting backhand and forehand volleys in pickleball. Mechanics and placement are the main focus. Advanced Beginner (2.0/2.5)



Is your forehand or backhand lacking control or power?  If so, what you need is our groundstroke clinic to bring those wayward groundstrokes under control.  Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).


Skills and Drills

If you're looking for a great drill session to reinforce your pickleball skills, join our USPPR Coaching staff as we put our students' skills to the test in this one-hour class. This class is perfect for practicing and improving a variety of pickleball skills and strategies. Advanced Beginner (2.0/2.5) and Intermediate Clinics (3.0+) are available.


Adding Variety to Your Game

Being able to hit consistent shots is key to improving your game, but becoming predictable can leave you open to counterattacks. When should you drop, dink, drive, or lob? In this class, you’ll get a chance to practice all four of those shots learning how to use them assertively and strategically while also learning techniques for countering those shots when they’re used against you. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).


Get me a Dink, Two!

This clinic will be a continuation of Get Me a Dink! where we use the fundamentals learned to begin to better place and aim our dinks, as well as learn more strategy behind the dink shot. Adv. Beginner/Intermediate. Level Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).


Lobs and Overheads

Lobs and overheads are not often a part of a point in Pickleball--but having them in your repertoire is a good idea.  We'll show you how and when. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5). 

Strategy 101

In this clinic we will debunk some of the most common myths in regards to game strategy and execution, giving you a better understanding of the flow of the game.  Topics that will be covered are attacking, defending, transition, and teamwork. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).

Strategy 201

This clinic will be a continuation of strategy 101, building off the tactics and strategies learned in 101, this clinic will go a step further into better understanding the game at a higher level. In this clinic we will focus on how to take advantage of strengths & weaknesses of our opponent as well as our own. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).

 Backhand Progression

This clinic’s focus will be improving backhand stroke fundamentals and technique that will help build consistency and confidence. We will cover dinks, volleys, and groundstrokes all using our backhand to help get you to that next level! Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level. (2.5-3.5)


Quick Hands at The Net

When the rally speeds up at the net, do you have trouble keeping up? Then let’s get those hands moving faster! In this class, we’ll practice several drills that will help you improve your reaction time and your focus so you can place the ball even in the middle of an intense fire fight. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level. (2.5-3.5)


To Dink or Not to Dink!

In this clinic we will go in depth on when and where to attack when at the non-volley zone and when we should slow down the game. Specifically, we will talk about attacking spots on our opponents, high percentage shot selection, and the importance of patience when playing from the non-volley zone. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Level (2.5-3.5).


Third Shot Drive vs Third Shot Drop

What's the difference between Third Shot Drop and Third Shot Drive? This clinic will teach you! Level up your game in this clinic by learning the fundamentals of each and to when to hit each during your games. Intermediate (3.0-4.0).


Refining Your Soft Game

Do you struggle against bangers? Are you having trouble sustaining your dinks? Do you need help with drop shots? Then this is the class for you. You’ll learn how to slow the pace of the game and how to strategically use the soft game to get your opponent off balance and set your team up for a great put away. Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate (2.0-3.0).


Dealing with Bangers

Get ready to defend your side of the net, and yourself!  Dealing with players who speed up play more often than not can be very frustrating.  Our USPPR Coach Gage Tutko is here to help you tame that savage opponent and put control of the point back in your hands. Intermediate Level (3.0-4.0).


Adding Spin to Your Game

In this 60-minute clinic students will learn how to add spin to a variety of strokes that will improve our variety of shots and create havoc for your opponents. We will also discuss how to deal with opponent's spin. Intermediate Level (3.0-4.0).


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In a doubles match, having solid teamwork can make or break your chance to win. In this class, we will discuss strategies to improve your teamwork and try them out with a few drills. Then we will practice these strategies by playing games in a tournament mindset. This class is perfect for a doubles or mixed doubles team who is preparing for their first league or tournament. Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate (2.0-3.0).

Yoga for Pickleball

In this fitness class, we’ll work on strengthening and relaxing areas of the body commonly overused in pickleball including wrists, shoulders, core, back, hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and feet. We’ll perform poses to counteract common postures repeatedly used in pickleball and encourage rest, recovery, and a reduction in soreness. Each session will end with a 10-minute sports performance related meditation for a complete holistic experience exercising both body and mind. Please bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water, and any yoga props you may need such as a blanket for sensitive knees or yoga blocks.

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