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Do you love pickleball? 

You do not need to be a member to play at Pickleballerz, however, membership offers the best rates for frequent players!

For more information call (703) 657-2100.

2024 rates chart.png

*Monthly Membership: $52/month +$20 initiation 1st month

**Court Reservation rates are per player/hour. Doubles = 4 - 6 player minimum; Singles = 2 player minimum.  Minimum court fees $56 (non-members/visitor) and $24 (Members).

Featured Pickleballerz Member: World's #1 Ben Johns

Ben Johns, a student at the University of Maryland, took to pickleball in 2016 in Florida, on courts which were built next to tennis courts. Both he and his brother were playing tennis there when he saw a few playing pickleball and gave it a shot. 


Fast-forward three years, when Johns won the first prize at the 2018 men’s singles of the Tournament of Champions along with a silver in the Mixed Doubles category. Gold medals followed for him at the men’s singles and doubles of the Beer City Open and additional first prizes in men’s and mixed doubles pro at the SoCal Summer Classic.

His crowning glory has come in the 2019 Tournament of Champions, where he won the gold medal in all three events; singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions with Kyle Yates and Jessie Irvine as his partners in the doubles events. 

Learn more about Ben Johns and join his journey on Facebook or by becoming a member at Pickleballerz!

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