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To register for leaguesclick on the link below which will take you to the CourtReserve system for Pickleballerz  or give us a call at (703) 657-2100.
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Summer/Fall Leagues: Registration starts July 5

Monday Night Men’s League

Every player on that court will play two games to eleven with each person on that court against the other two people.  Each player will earn one point for each game they win.  A differential will be used in the event a tie exists at the end of the season.  The next week the players will likely be a part of a completely different foursome.  At the end of the season, any players who have played in at least five out of eight weeks of the league will be eligible to win the league.

Men's Monday Night Doubles League

August 16 through October 11

Championship Night:  October 18

Note: No league matches on September 6 (Labor Day)


Tuesday Night Women's League


The Tuesday Women’s Evening League is a team league.  Captain’s will draft players from a list to form their roster.  Each team needs at least four people on their roster.  Players sign up on Court Reserve to have their name placed in the draft.

Women's Tuesday Night Doubles League 

August 17 through October 5

Championship Night:  October 12


Wednesday Mixed Doubles League


The Wednesday Evening Mixed Doubles League is a league that has mixed doubles teams playing other teams throughout an eight to nine week season.  Pickleballerz will assist person’s needing a partner in finding one.

Mixed Doubles Wednesday Night League

August 18 through September 29

Championship Night:  October 6


Tuesday Morning 50 & Over Mixed Doubles League

Fall league registration for this league will begin mid August.

The Tuesday Morning 50 & Over Mixed Doubles League is a league that has mixed doubles teams playing other teams throughout an eight to nine week season.  Pickleballerz will assist person’s needing a partner in finding one.

Starting in July 2021

Singles FLEX League...
Schedule matches that work with your schedule!

The FLEX Singles League, both Men's and Women's, will begin on July 11.  This ten-week league is for singles players looking to play singles in a flexible timeframe that allows participants to play when and where it best suits their schedule.  

WHAT IS A FLEX LEAGUE?: A flex league offers fun and competitive play that allows participants to schedule matches on their own schedule. Once players receive a schedule, they contact their opponents each week and schedule their match for a time that is convenient for both of them.

Pickleballerz Flex Singles Guidelines:

1.      You will need to register for the Singles FLEX League on Court Reserve.  You can also call us at 703-657-2100.  Cost for being in the FLEX League is $20 for members and $40 for non-members.

2.      Call or email your opponent if you are hosting the match. Hosting means you supply the pickle balls and choose the site for the match. It is preferable to choose a site with drinking fountains (or available water) and restrooms. However, this is not a requirement. Please remember that playing at Pickleballerz requires court fees based on membership. However, non-member league participants can play their match (on a 1 hour court reservation) at the discounted rate of $5.

3.      If emails to your opponent are not returned within 24 hours, please call your opponent. If you still can’t contact them, contact us at 703-657-2100 or lmartin@pickleballerzusa.com.

4.      Matches are two of three games to eleven. 

5.      In the event of an emergency and you must cancel, call your opponent; please do not assume an email will be read. If you cancel the day of the match and can’t reach your opponent, contact us and let us know your situation. No shows are considered and recorded as defaults. Cancelling after the match time is a default.

6.      All matches must be completed within the timeframe of the league.  Extensions may be granted in specific cases.  However, we STRONGLY encourage you complete your matches within the timeframe of the league.

7.      You may not use a sub for a singles match. Please reschedule if you cannot play on a day previously scheduled.

8.      Please submit your scores via email to Lance Martin at lmartin@pickleballerzusa.com, or call us at 703-657-2100.
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