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This Spring Break, have your kids come and learn to play America’s #1 fastest growing sport - Pickleball! Kids will have an amazing week while they learn to:

  • Serve

  • Volley

  • Dink

  • Lob

  • Keep score

  • Apply game-winning strategy!

Check out our Youth Programs page for more information about pickleball opportunities for kids!

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Staying Safe

We care about your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pickleball has been called the "perfect sport for social distancing" by Pro Steve Cole and the "perfect pandemic pastime" by the New York Times. Click here to learn about our COVID-19 protocols.

Why Pickleball?


Pickleball is fun, social, and the rules are simple. Family members of all ages can play competitively or casually together. It's a great way to form and maintain good exercise habits while spending time together. Catch onto the craze of America’s #1 fastest-growing sport at Pickleballerz.

Why Pickleballerz?


Pickleballerz is here for you every step, dink, serve, and drop shot of the way as you pick up on the sport and the terminology, providing you with six indoor courts to play on and instruction from pickleball teaching professionals. 

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