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Q&A With Pickleballerz Founders (Pickleballerz is opening September 2020!)

On left, rendering of the Pickleballerz indoor courts. On right, rendering of the Pickleballerz Cafe and Lounge area.

If you’re located in Northern Virginia, you may have seen Pickleballerz featured in Northern Virginia Magazine or Fairfax County Times as the first and only dedicated indoor pickleball facility coming to the region. Now, what’s next for you is seeing Pickleballerz in-person as co-founders and Fairfax residents, Greg and Beverly Raelson, turn renderings into reality and open the 20,000 square foot facility in Chantilly this September!

So, what can you expect to see at Pickleballerz when you walk through the doors with your paddle in hand? How can you get your pickleball on in Northern Virginia?

Get to know more from the Pickleballerz co-founders about the facility’s unique features, membership offerings, and upcoming plans.

Q: First, what inspired the creation of Pickleballerz?

Beverly (B): Greg and I spend a lot of time in south Florida visiting our family there. Greg’s father Jeff, who lives there and is also our company’s CEO, started playing a ton of pickleball a while back and we saw how enthusiastic he was about it. We fell in love with the game too, but when we tried to find places to play pickleball here it was impossible to find suitable courts to play on. The only places we could find were tennis courts with extra lines painted on them, or rec centers and gymnasiums with wood or concrete surfaces and portable nets. The hours were limited and the courts were just not true pickleball courts. Watching the popularity of the sport grow here, we thought how great it would be to provide a place just for pickleball. The NoVA pickleball players needed a home!

Greg (G): Having a dedicated indoor pickleball facility in our area is something we felt would be so important for the region’s players of all ages and abilities. That they can play year-round, as competitively or as recreationally as they want, and socialize with other players in a welcoming, fun, and unmatched pickleball playing atmosphere.

Q: How was the location of Chantilly decided?

B: Chantilly was a prime location for us. We wanted to be accessible to as much of the current Fairfax and Loudoun County pickleball playing communities as possible, and being situated in a location so easy to get to and from was critical.

G: We looked at a few locations in other areas, but Chantilly really seemed like the best fit for our first location. Chantilly is such a vibrant, welcoming place and we are so excited to be a part of it!

Q: Elaborate more about what pickleball players of all levels can expect to see when you open this August.

B: I can't tell you how excited we are! Our space is almost 20,000 square feet. We have six courts featuring a special cushioned surface, the same surface used at the Australian Open, so it’s easier on players’ joints while keeping a true ball bounce. Each court has permanent posts and nets and we have great lighting for indoor play. Plus, the entire facility is lined with windows so it has such an open feel.

G: We also have a cafe and spectator lounge area where our members can enjoy watching play, as well as order food and refreshments. It's a great place to socialize and hang out.

B: Definitely. Another fun thing we will have is a small "dinking court" for players to warm up and practice before their match or while waiting to play. We are the only facility in the world with one of these, which is pretty neat.

G: The facility is really top notch. A perfect place for all of our planned programs like drop-in play, leagues, tournaments, clinics, pro exhibitions, kids programming and parties, and fun social events like themed nights with costumes and music!

Q: What’s a good piece of advice for someone who’s never played pickleball?

B: Pickleball is often described as a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It's a very easy sport to learn and the rules are very simple. A beginner who has never even held a paddle seems to pick up the basics their very first time playing! My advice is to just take the plunge and give it a shot!

G: I agree, just try it! It's really an infectious sport.

Q: For those eager to get on the indoor courts, are there any special membership opportunities with Pickleballerz before the opening date?

B: Yes! We have a few very limited specials right now for members who want to get the best deal. We are offering Lifetime Ballerz Memberships and also special Charter Ballerz Memberships which are really incredible deals.

G: These specials are very limited. Only 25 Lifetime Ballerz memberships are available, and the Charter Ballerz Memberships will only be available until August 31. For those interested or if you want to learn more about those specials, visit the Pickleballerz website at www.pickleballerzusa.com or contact us at info@pickleballerzusa.com.

Pickleballerz will be conveniently located off Routes 28 and 50 at 14424 Albemarle Point Place, Chantilly, Va. Keep up with Pickleballerz as it prepares for opening by following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribing to the mailing list.