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Want to improve your pickleball game? Try group fitness

Ask any group of pickleball players why they play and you’re sure to hear: it’s fun, it’s good exercise, and it’s a great way to socialize. What some pickleballers may not realize is that those same reasons also apply to group fitness classes! Plus, regularly participating in group fitness classes can help boost your pickleball game by improving cardio, building muscle, and teaching you stable total body movements. Pickleballerz is bringing group fitness to you Saturday mornings! Read on to learn more about why group fitness may be right for you!

What are group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes are exercise classes led by an instructor that revolve around a particular fitness goal or activity and usually involve equipment and music. If you’ve ever taken a yoga or Zumba class, then you’ve participated in a type of group fitness class!

There are several advantages to participating in a class rather than working out alone.

1. Group fitness classes are fun and motivating. You’re encouraged the entire time by both your instructor’s positive attitude and the group vibe which can be energizing and competitive.

2. Group fitness classes are challenging. You’ll discover new exercises and will be carefully pushed to your limits which will improve your fitness level.

3. When you take a class, you have the benefit of a guide – your instructor! Group fitness instructors plan out their classes choosing certain exercises for specific reasons. Instructors also provide you with guidance such as correcting your form so you get the maximum benefit while avoiding injury. Instructors can also help keep an entire class engaged regardless of skill and fitness level by offering modifications to adjust the difficulty of exercises.

Why should a pickleball player take group fitness classes?

When you think about any athlete in any sport, being on the court playing games and practicing drills is only one part of improving. Any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level incorporates sports conditioning into their routine. While sports conditioning varies from sport-to-sport and athlete-to-athlete the idea is that conditioning helps athletes prepare for the demands of their sport. This improves their performance, makes the game easier to physically endure, and – hopefully – gives them an edge on their opponents.

One strategy is if an athlete’s body is used to a certain movement or demand at a higher level than what is typically expected during the game, it will be less exhausting to play and give them more power. For example, if you practice a movement common in pickleball with a 5 lb weight, then when you perform the same movement with your 7 ounce paddle, your arm won’t tire as quickly and you’ll be able to add more power to that movement.

Do I need to be in shape to take fitness classes?

Generally, if you can play pickleball, you can take a fitness class! You can always speak to your primary care physician before adding to your exercise routine if you have concerns.

As mentioned above, fitness classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who can modify the class based on the fitness levels of the participants. By offering regressions and progressions, everyone in a class can participate and experience the class in a way that perfectly challenges them.

Modifying exercises is simple! Options as straightforward as changing the weight, adding or removing movement, and modifying form can make exercises more or less challenging without interrupting the flow of a class. Some people will do bicep curls with 2 lb weights and others with 8 lbs. Some people will perform pushups on their knees and others using a single foot. During a single exercise, some people will flow between the modifications to challenge themselves or allow themselves to catch their breath. Ultimately, your instructor is a guide to your workout!

What classes are offered at Pickleballerz?

Sunrise Bootcamp is a high intensity class that combines cardio exercises with a total body strength workout to help you build stamina, endurance, and power. In this bootcamp class, we’ll use equipment like light free weights or resistance bands and keep your heart rate elevated by alternating between resistance training and cardio. Bootcamp is the perfect class for players who get winded easily on the courts or who need a little extra power in their shots.

Bodyweight Blast is a moderate intensity class that incorporates bodyweight strength training, yoga flow, and bursts of cardio. Like bootcamp, you’ll still build strength and improve your cardio fitness. Through the addition of yoga flow, you’ll connect to whole body movement and learn how to remain steady while holding challenging poses. If you find yourself scrambling around the court always out of position or having trouble staying focused at the kitchen line, Bodyweight Blast can be a helpful class!

I hope I’ll get to see you in one of my classes soon! Come out and give it a try – And be sure to bring your friends with you! Group classes are always more fun with crowd!

Jason Shriner is a Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) Certified Coach and an Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

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